All the amazing desserts at La Cabana are made by Debbie and Mathew. Firm favourites are the strawberry cheesecake, chocolate volcano and the sticky toffee pudding. We would highly recommend you leave some room!  And because we are super generous, here is the secret recipe for our famous Chocolate Volcanoes.

La Cabana’s Chocolate Volcanoes

Melt 380g unsalted butter with 380g dark chocolate (70%).

In another bowl whisk up 12 eggs with 380g sugar.

Mix the two bowls together and add 175g of sieved Plain Flour and a dash of Brandy (optional!)

Pour into buttered Dario Moulds.

Cook for 8 to 9 minutes in a hot oven. 200C or Gas Mark 6.

Serve with scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream.

(This mix makes 14 Volcanoes).