Fresh Fish & Seafood

You might think that because we are an island surrounded by sea, we would have an abundant choice and supply of seafood. However, fresh fish availability can sometimes be surprisingly limited. Some days there will be an abundant Atlantic variety and others the choice can be scarce. It all depends on the catch of the day. If choosing ‘Fish of the Day’ from our menu, it will more often than not be Sea Bass or Hake.


All the amazing desserts at La Cabana are made by Debbie and Mathew. Firm favourites are the strawberry cheesecake, chocolate volcano and the sticky toffee pudding. We would highly recommend you leave some room! And because we are super generous, here is the secret recipe for our famous Chocolate Volcanoes.


You will often find duck as a starter and main at La Cabana as it is again a favourite for many guests.

Goats Cheese

Lanzarote knows a thing or two about goats cheese, winning no less than 7 medals at the World Cheese Awards 2015. And, it seems, many of you love goats cheese too, as it is one of our best selling starters.