All the amazing desserts at La Cabana are made by Debbie and Mathew. Firm favourites are the strawberry cheesecake, chocolate volcano and the sticky toffee pudding. We would highly recommend you leave some room! And because we are super generous, here is the secret recipe for our famous Chocolate Volcanoes.


It is hard to imagine cooking without herbs. We like to grow most of the herbs we use or ones that are not readily available from the local shops here in Lanzarote. From a recent trip to Thailand we loaded up on Lemongrass. It adds an amazing kick to curries, fish, soups, marinades and Asian stir-fries.


The beef used in La Cabana is Uruguayan. As many of you may know, Lanzarote’s harsh terrain does not support live cattle. So why does Darren choose Uruguay Organic Grass Fed Beef?